3D Printer Music + New Models - F3DPS Episode 55

March 25, 2016

Playing music on 3D printers isn't anything new, but Eric figured out how to make it work on a donated Cupcake CNC. Due to outdated/missing documentation and lack of , it took a while to figure it out.
The converter we used is here. Thanks to HomeConstructor for emailing back!
Old converter.
"Down by the Salley Gardens" Midi was found here.
Lulzbot video from John here.

We also talked about some models we've posted on Thingiverse recently. Please share if you print any of them off!
Pi Day Pen Holder
3DomFuel Rabbit
Surprised Patrick
We're also now on Cults3D.
Press release about 3Dom/3D-Fuel: https://3dfuel.com/blogs/press/93298305-3d-fuel-3dom-usa-and-3dom-europe-to-unite-operations-and-become-3dom-fuel

1K Sub Giveaway video.

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