CES 2017 Wrap Up | F3DPS Ep 2.11

January 26, 2017

The F3DP team is back from CES 2017! We wanted to document the coming year's emerging tech and get interviews with some of the creators.

One of our easy favorites was the gigantic multi-head Cronus from Titan Robotics. Its five heads can work simultaneously on the same part without bumping into each other. Another favorite was a lot more gimicky, but the 3D Magic Pan pancake printer was really fun.
There were some really spendy printers at the Nano Dimension and Markforged booths, but it doesn't hurt to look! We also checked Prusa, Formlabs and ZMorph.

Our cabin in the RV park was a little small, but CES didn't disappoint! We still have a bunch of interviews coming out on YouTube, so make sure to subscribe.
Camera rig we used for the interviews

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