Pangolins, Raise3D + Updates | F3DPS Ep 2.13

February 16, 2017

We love amaochan's model "Save Pangolins." It's a great design for a great cause.
Grab the model and the rest of the story. Check out the Facebook.

We've had a little more time of the Raise3D printer and we are still impressed. Dual extruders are always a little tricky, but its slicer is great!

The direct drive, light weight Zesty Nimble extruder is now available!

Maker Box is turning a year old and doing a give-away via their community blog. There are several ways to enter the contest. One of them is writing an approved post for their blog, so get writing!

We've started a waitlist for an aluminum build plate for the Replicator 2.

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