Tiko Roast and Our Sub $300 Printer (Plus Giveaway) | F3DPS Ep 2.14

April 7, 2017

Enter here to win Giant Patrick
(Lower 48 states only, ends April 21, 2017 at 11:59pm CST)

We dropped our podcast covering the $179 Tiko 3D printer almost exactly 2 years ago. We received a lot of criticism for our harsh analysis of their Kickstarter campaign. Their most recent update states that Tiko is in financial trouble and currently on standby.
John covers what went wrong and where they can go from here.
The M3D Micro $199 Backer Rescue

On the topic of inexpensive 3D printers, we bought an Alunar M505 earlier this year. It's pretty much the Anet A8 (Prusa i3 clone), just less popular. It's not bad for a sub $300 printer, but we've had a lot of problems.
Here's the upgrade we used for X-axis tension
Our Patrick model
Byambaa Patrick model

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