Carbon3D Update - F3DPS Episode 57

April 22, 2016

We heard recently that the Carbon3D printer was being used in a few 3D printing bureaus but they made some other big announcements this April. The M1 is the name of the printer and it's only available if you get a subscription.

We missed a few details in the video, but they were added in with graphics.
A big one was pricing. Here's the list of additional/optional costs.
Sculpteo announcement
CBS video
Scroll to bottom for resin strength info.
Gizmo 3D Printers

Screaming Sun
45 Adapter

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All About the OLO! - F3DPS Episode 56

April 9, 2016
The OLO is a $99 resin 3D printer that utilizes a smart phone to cure the resin. It's had a very successful Kickstarter (now over $2 million) and very responsive staff.

Maker's Muse did an awesome overview already so make sure you check out these videos too:

We also talked about the Tiko and a Taiwanese competitor.

Contest here

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3D Printer Music + New Models - F3DPS Episode 55

March 25, 2016

Playing music on 3D printers isn't anything new, but Eric figured out how to make it work on a donated Cupcake CNC. Due to outdated/missing documentation and lack of , it took a while to figure it out.
The converter we used is here. Thanks to HomeConstructor for emailing back!
Old converter.
"Down by the Salley Gardens" Midi was found here.
Lulzbot video from John here.

We also talked about some models we've posted on Thingiverse recently. Please share if you print any of them off!
Pi Day Pen Holder
3DomFuel Rabbit
Surprised Patrick
We're also now on Cults3D.
Press release about 3Dom/3D-Fuel:

1K Sub Giveaway video.

T-shirts available here:

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Journey Ring & Cromulon’s Head (+interview) - F3DPS Episode 54

February 29, 2016

We're back with a full podcast and slightly new format!

A 3D ring based off of the game "Journey" from thatgamecompany was brought to our attention by one of Eric's friend. His friend happens to be Aaron Grommesh, the Community Manager for thatgamecompany, and he is very knowledgeable about IP and copyright. We have an interview with Aaron (full version coming soon!).
The ring is from Christina Douk (pronounced Duke).
Model available here
Ammnra's ring

Another of Eric's friends saw a print from the Adult Swim series "Rick and Morty" pop up on Reddit a few weeks ago. Cromulon's Head was designed by TORVIC (Victor, a 3D Hubs intern). Eric talks about how he printed it and reads some of the funny Reddit comments.

John caught up on some of our old questions from subscribers. Several of you wanted the E3D BigBox compared with the Raise3D. Several others were compared (gMax and Robo 3D).

More interviews to come!
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CES 2016 Wrap Up (pt.2) - F3DPS Episode 53

February 5, 2016
We forgot a few things last time, so we came back to finish up our wrap up of CES 2016.

Nano Dimension:
Old World Labs:
AIO Robotics:

More interviews to come!
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CES 2016 Wrap Up (pt.1) - F3DPS Episode 52

January 16, 2016

The Fargo 3D Printing team went to Las Vegas to attend CES 2016 and had a blast!
We spent two whole days in the 3D printing area to get interviews and check out the new tech. There were so many companies that we couldn't visit and talk with all of them, but we made sure to talk to a few that we've been following or were excited to see in person.

Formlabs was showing off their Form 2 and its cartridge resin system. You can even take it out and replace it while it's printing!

DWS LAB was present and displaying the XFAB wtih its multiple printing materials.

XYZprinting showed some prototypes of printers that will be coming out later this year, but none of them were running. Despite that, they had a really impressive booth.

LulzBot's booth was really fun and had ColorFabb and OpenBCI showing off their wares. We were expecting the new Taz 6 to be on display, but there is no current release date. The new dual extruder was displayed and producing some nice looking prints. The FlexyDually v2 was announced and will be available in Q1.

*For clarification, LulzBot does not currently use E3D as their hot end supply.
New product updates.
V2 tool head updates.

ROBO 3D had the most impressive booth. There was a 3D printed race track, a print of Robbie the Robot assembled from hundreds of crowd-sourced parts, an "R-Cade," wall of printers including two new R2 models and a mascot of Robbie walking around.

3D Systems was much like last year, but they had the CubeJet and ProJet 2500 on the floor and printing.

Stratasys was tucked away in a back corner and had a small area for MakerBot in their booth. MakerBot had the new Smart Extruder+ printing on a 5th Gen and Z18. Eric's attention was stolen by a 3D printed skateboard which got to try out.

Mcor 3D showed the Arke, a paper printer with a reasonable price tag. It can print in full color and would be most comparable to a CJP machine. One of them looked a bit like Knight Rider.

New Matter's Mod-t is one of the cleanest machines that we've ever seen. The way the print bed moves is unique, it's enclosed, quiet and very affordable.

NewPro 3D hails from Canada and is most similar the the Carbon3D printer with the CLIP technology. It's essentially an ultra fast DLP printer. The creator, Diego, says it's even faster than the Carbon3D.

Away from the rest of the printers was Polaroid, right next to Canon in an entirely different location. They're jumping into the 3D printing market with the ModelSmart 250S. The look is interesting, but the print quality wasn't what you would hope to see from a big name like Polaroid. The extruder assembly is awkward and the filament is proprietary and spendy.

Our favorite/most anticipated printers were: 3D Systems CubeJet, Mcor Arke and NewPro 3D.
Our favorite booths were: ROBO 3D, New Matter, Formlabs and 3D Systems.

T-shirts are now available in our online shop:

Tune in soon for a significantly shorter part 2.

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CES 2016 Preview - F3DPS Episode 51

December 31, 2015
Just one week until CES 2016!
Our whole team will be there and we'll be grabbing plenty of footage of printers and interviews.
Jake and John talk about who will be there and who they're excited to see.
This year, SLA printers are taking over. There are only a few scanners represented and many familiar filament manufacturers.

We're having a meetup during CES.
Stay tuned to our channel for footage soon after the conference!

Here of some of the vendors that we're looking forward to seeing:
Airwolf 3D
Full Spectrum Laser
Old World Labs
Fuel 3D
3D Systems

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Happy Holidays! (+ StarWars) - F3DPS Episode 50

December 22, 2015
The lead up to Christmas and the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens fell around the same time, so we have a bunch of prints relating to the two.

Don't worry about spoilers because John hadn't seen the movie at the time of this recording.
We printed off 2 
Yoda bowls with varying results.
Check out 
Flowalistik's newest low poly models!
We had some issues with the "
Fillenium Malcon," but share you results if you try to print it.

We also had some Christmas prints.
Here is our ornament. Please share if you print! It scales pretty well too!

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Avi and 3D Systems - F3DPS Episode 49

November 30, 2015
Happy late Thanksgiving!

A few weeks ago, Michael Molitch-Hou from 3D Printing Industry wrote a sizable article about Avi Reichental leaving 3D Systems. It didn't paint the best picture of Avi and brought up a lot of allegations of mismanagement. A large amount of companies were bought up during his time as CEO and many of them didn't seem to be well integrated.

Jake and John have worked with 3D Systems as resellers and share some of their personal observations. They go into detail about their dislike of the closed source spool system, ask why the Culinary Labs are opening while other facilities are closing and read an opposing viewpoint from the comments section.

Read the full article here.
3Dom USA Rabbit

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Pirate3D News & BigBox3D - F3DPS Episode 48

November 16, 2015

John returns to the show and discusses three new crowdfunded printers (and one older one).

We had a few subscribers ask about the E3D BigBox printer, so we gave our first impressions of it. Auto-leveling is a big plus as well as the customizability. If everything works as shown, it may be a serious competitor of the LulzBot Taz 5 (and 6 coming next year).

The TinyBoy printer was featured on episode 43 alongside the M3D Micro. The TinyBoy 2 is now on Indiegogo and has about a week left to meet its goal. We like the more professional look and injection molded parts. It's still ultra compact but slightly more powerful than the previous version.

The iBox Nano is another compact machine, but resin-based rather than FDM. The small footprint and price (starting at $300) are very appealing if the small build size isn't an issue.

Finally, we've been following the Pirate3D Buccaneer story for quite some time and they released a new update last month. In order to obtain additional funding, they can no longer fulfill the rest of the Kickstarter rewards as advertised. After reworking the design and building up some funds, they promise to send out the rest of the printers to their backers.

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